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    Call Us 757.857.4777
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    Transportation Construction and Security

    Axis Global Enterprises specializes in providing construction and security technology services to Transportation clients in the areas of parking, rail and transit.

    From large to small and new construction to renovation, Axis has managed a variety of transportation projects, helping people get where they need to be, safely and efficiently.

    We have the proven ability to successfully and efficiently complete complex transportation infrastructure projects that often involve reconciling differing requirements from both the public and private sectors.

    Our unique combination of services, experience and processing technologies help customers achieve their goals, lower costs and enhance aesthetics.?



    As-Built Drawing Reviews

    Detailed Budgeting & Estimating

    Safety Analysis

    BIM Coordination & Implementation


    Safety Certification

    Commissioning & Turnover

    Factory, Field, Static, Dynamic & Operational Readiness Testing

    Self Performance

    Comparative Cost Analysis

    Operations & Maintenance Manual Development

    Subcontractor Procurement

    Complete Preconstruction Services

    Permit Coordination

    System Review

    Design-Build / CMAR / GC

    Project Specific Safety Planning

    Training Material Development

    Design Verification & Validation

    Quality Assurance

    Warranty Administration

    Call, Click, or Email us today at?info@axisge.com?to learn more about our Transportation capabilities and services available to you and how we can help with your next project.
    How can we help? Request an assessment today by giving us a call at 757.857.4777
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